welcome to omino.com
this is a personal web site for
omino goodies & downloads
pay omino.com send money to me, via omino.com
omino suite a set of plugins for adobe after effects, mac os x
qttools command-line tools for manipulating quicktime movies, mac os x
subservient astronaut
dvb's technical musings
monominoes little video experiments
the girl and the astronaut our epic 2006 new years video
lem 2004 burning man project
subway 2003 burning man project
waveshaping my 1993 masters thesis on waveshaping audio synthesis
what is an omino?
the site name is taken from the word polyomino, which refers to any shape constructed from squares. a domino is a polyomino sometimes called a 2-omino. the seven shapes encountered in the game "tetris" are all tetrominoes sometimes called 4-ominoes.
the domain name was an amazing gift from carrie cordeiro in 1996 when getting a domain name was really hard and really unusual. omino(1) 1996 was a 90 mhz freebsd box in my garage. omino(2) 2000 was a 466 mhz freebsd box from costco in my garage. omino(3) 2005 is linux hosted at dreamhost.com.
omino has been also a geek house name used for two locations: 56 glenview san francisco 1997-1999 and 111 echo santa cruz 2001-?. there have been many ominites over the years.

made with vi on a mac. updated 2007 or so.