QT_TOOLS 2003.03.25: 1.0[318] First public release
2003.04.11: 1.1[334] qt_info shows compression type, shows annotations (author, copyright, &c), allows editing of annotations. Several qt_export bugs fixed.
2003.06.22: 1.2[350] qt_export has special handling for DVD Studio Pro's MPEG 2 exporter. This movie export component from Apple has some shortcomings compared to the other exporters, but it is essential for DVD production. See the manual page for details of use.
2004.10.06: 1.3[365] Correct a bug relating to saved settings and exporters. Minor functional change: if you use --loadsettings or --dodialog, then command line switches for data rate &c will be ignored. Various other unremarkable bugs fixed as well.
2006.03.11: 2.0[410] Add qt_proofsheet to the suite. Correct pesky "-50" default settings bug, grr. Implemented automated testing which revealed a few other misc bugs. Added image-sequence import capability to qt_export via --sequencerate. Two new features, it's been a while, numbers are cheap, and there's some important bug fixes, so I call it 2.0. I'm allowed to do that!
2007.09.28: 2.4[490] Let qt_export "do the right thing" by file extension only; if your destination is foo.aif, then make an AIFF file. Correct bugs relating to image sequence numbering getting confused by folder numbers and such. Add "media average sample rate" to qt_info, which is usually your frame rate.
2007.12.09: 2.5[552] Universal binary!!!
2008.01.16: 2.6[552] Minor -- added poster-frame to qt_info, and midi->aiff to qt_export.
2008.07.26: 2.7[567] Grr, fix compatibility with Leopard 10.5 with silly folder structure. Ridiculous!
2008.07.26: 2.8[573] spaces in path, thanks Eric. "$@" is the thing.
v2.9 build 589 [tests]
by david van brink
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I started writing these tools in 2003, because I had a specific task: converting a bunch of Prelinger archive MPEG files into a more tractable QuickTime format. And running QuickTime Player on them one at a time was far too tedious. But then it got out of control, and the qt_export tool started looking quite presentable. So here they are for your use and enjoyment.

QT_TOOLS is a small suite of Mac OS X command line tools for dealing with QuickTime movies. If you don't understand the cult of the command, that's fine: these tools are not for you!

QT_EXPORT can read in any QuickTime compatible document and write it out using any of QuickTime's still- or motion-based compression formats (including image sequences). This is the heavy-lifter of the suite.

QT_INFO can display information about a QuickTime movie -- such as dimensions, duration, track formats -- in a pleasing format which is also sufficiently regular for text parsing. (This was essential for automated testing of qt_export itself...) Got Perl? example

QT_PROOFSHEET will take a QuickTime movie and render it out as individual frames in a grid. By default, it takes about 100 frames of your movie and fits it onto an 8.5 x 11 document, with timecode imprints. Also good for animated textures in Second Life. example example

QT_THING and QT_ATOM are for serious QuickTime geeks. QT_THING will list Component Manager components by type, and QT_ATOM will display a settings file as used by import & export components.




  • QTCoffee command-line QuickTime editing tools... just the thing to complete your fully scripted QuickTime flow
  • iSquint tool for iPod-izing your QuickTime movies
  • Prelinger Archives so much free public domain video to manipulate
  • flip4mac is a commercial QuickTime exporter for Windows Media (wmv) format.

Notes, misc & random

The download includes full buildable source code.

Quarts Composer writes out .qtz files which QuickTime can read. Therefore, you can use qt_export to rerender them to plain-old-movie-files if you like!

QT_TOOLS is useful for audio transformations, as well. You can use QT_EXPORT to write .wav and .aiff files from anything QuickTime can read. Sample-rate is settable on the command line.

Here is a Perl script for dicing up any source audio file (.aiff, .mp3, whatever) into 10-second .wav files for Second Life.

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I am a compulsive coder. It's true. And I have a day job to cover the relentless expenses of Kraft Mac & Cheese (lately Annie's) and Jolt Cola (lately Monster Lo-carb with taurine and such) and a good supply of lined yellow paper pads and crayons with which to sketch out my software architectures. Really, this qt_tools thing is FREE. Free, free, free! Enjoy!

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