Sunrise Station

Installation for Burningman 2003

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Whenever I visit the city, you know, The City, with no name and every name, I ride the subway. New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Boston, Prague, Nagoya, Chicago, Vienna, even Los Angeles and San Francisco. Perhaps you have enjoyed the subway in the city too.

Every Time You Ride The Subway,
The Playa Is Cleaner By One Art Car.

On Sunday, 2003.07.27, we took it from sketch to frame!

Picture of a train station in Prague, as basis for mural to appear on the back of Sunrise Station.

On Monday, 2003.07.28, I started the audio list... here are a few MP3's of mine and contributed for the project.
On Saturday, 2003.08.02, we got the outside primed to a nice urban camo coat.

On Sunday, 2003.08.03, leah-ann and melissa did fabulous work on the exterior!

Deb's design for the welded entry gate:

2003.08.14, Deb's design for the entry sign:

2003.08.16, Electrical & General:

2003.08.17, Electrical, Day 2: