qt_tools is a suite of command line tools for Mac OS X 10.4 and later for working with QuickTime movies. Why command line tools? Can't you do everything you need via QuickTime Player?

Well, if you have to ask, these tools are perhaps not for you.

qt_export converts QuickTime movies between formats
qt_proofsheet renders frames of a QuickTime move to a big picture
qt_info displays information about a QuickTime movie
qt_thing lists installed components
qt_atom shows the contents of a qt_export settings file


qt_tools is provided as a simple folder of files. To install it, you can run the script called ``'' from the Terminal. (These are command line tools, after all!)


    sudo ./

from within the qt_tools disk image directory. You'll be prompted for root password. The executables will be placed in /usr/local/bin and the manpages will be placed in /usr/local/share/man.

Source code is also provided in the disk downlaod.

You can also run the tools directly off the qt_tools download if you prefer.


The following switches are supported by all tools in the qt_tools suite.


Display a brief summary of the purpose and use of the tool.


Display the version of the tool.


Display the manual page for the tool. You will probably want to use ``| more'' to see it all.


Source code is provided with these tools. To build:

  sh-2.05a$ cd <qt_tools_folder>/src/
  sh-2.05a$ make

To run the automated tests (not many, but better than nothing):

  sh-2.05a$ cd <qt_tools_folder>/src/testsuite
  sh-2.05a$ ./


qt_export(1), qt_info(1), qt_thing(1)


David Van Brink, email , subject line must begin with ``quicktime''.

This software is provided as-is, &c.

This software is FREEWARE. There is no compensation expected. In return, I'll try to fix bugs if you find them. Hope that's ok with you.


The art of software engineering is carried on in large part via oral tradition. Sam Bushell and Sean Fagan helped me a lot when I needed the occasional bit of information. Also, the hive mind of forum and yam, as ever, were indispensable. And of course, pesky users have found bugs... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Bugs, I mean.