2002.12.29, 02:00

Spent today matching working computers to monitors.
Emptied the hard disks, and set them up to be
appropriate for use by 7th graders. A local teacher
named Marta will be dispensing them to kids who might
actually benefit from them.

Here's the guidelines I kind of came up with for
what computers are usable in this context:

   Hard Disk at least 160MB, prefer 500MB+
   RAM at least 12MB, prefer 32MB+
   System 7.5.1 or 7.6.1
      7.5.1 has mactcp, if you customize the installation
	  7.6.1 has open transport's TCP/IP, and 
	     also color stylewriter pro support
   Clarisworks 4.0 or 5.0 
   A few logic-puzzle shareware games

(Alas, I have quite a few pre-cdrom computers, like
mac LC's and stuff.)