Dumb Software Notes

Here's some dumb facts that might be useful to you, if you happen to stumble across them.
-- dvb / poly@omino.com --
OS X Drivers for CanoScan N1220U: Canon doesn't have any, but "VuePrint" from www.hamrick.com works great under OS X, and supports that scanner and a lot of others. Great stuff, $40 shareware, I love it. (Free version prints "$40" all over your scans, ha ha.)

(Cano Scan Canon Scanner N1220 U N 1220U N 1220 U OSX MacOSX MacOS X Mac OS X Drivers Driver USB Jaguar 10.2)
OS X Drivers for Epson Photo Stylus 875DCS: Epson doesn't have any, although they support the 875DC, but gimp-print from gimp-print.sourceforge.net did the trick. Amazing! Totally amazing! Supports a lot of other printers, too. They said it needed Ghostscript installed, but it seems to work fine without it. (?).

The instructions it showed right after installation were sufficient to get up and running. It's all through the Print Center's "advanced" option.

(Epson Photo Stylus 875 DC DCS 875-DCS six color printer MacOSX MacOS X Mac OS X)