Mac LC II with Apple II Emulator card...

Command-Control-Escape to bring up config dialog

Set up "slot 5 drive 1" to be hard-disk virtual volume
Set up "slot 6 drive 1" to be a real floppy

Use Copy II Plus 7.1 
Create Subdirectory; will navigate 5.1's directories
Copy "Disk" from 6.1 to 5.1; will prompt for destination subdirectory
Name the target "something.img"

Quit Apple II (cmd-ctl-esc, quit). 
Drag the prodos volume onto "disk copy" -- it becomes
mounted as a live disk volume! now can access the .img file within.

The Mac LC II supports 1.44m floppies, use those!
Copy the files to floppy and (hopefully) by usb floppy into the real world.

(I have an asantetalk, and I saw it work once, but havent
been able to use it to move files lately.)

But the .img file is not usable by emulators...

A working osx emulator!

A program called just "ImageConverter" by "Lazarus I Long" runs on Mac OS 7.1, to
convert between img and do. Drag the .img from Copy II Plus onto the app, and
choose "STM" format to get a .dsk out.

ProDOS disks...

They will run the first .SYSTEM file found. A bootable basic disk would have BASIC.SYSTEM on it, and a basic program called STARTUP to run automatically.