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David Van Brink // Thu 2011.07.28 06:51 // {people}


Rehi, all.

A couple of months back, I changed jobs. Previous: some ten years for Altera, on embedded drivers, cpu tests, and mostly on Java-based authoring tools. Current: working at Skype in Palo Alto, mostly on Java server-side stuff.

I showed up, and everyone was speaking backwards, with strange customs and habits, and mysterious acronyms. Going on about “artifacts” and “continuous integration” and “maven” and “ivy” and “nexus”.

After not too long I realized the translations were pretty easy:

Artifacts = binaries
Continuous Integration = (You need a word for "keep the build green"??)
Maven = "Yeah... we should have just used Ant."
Ivy = "We have to use it for Nexus"
Nexus = It was the name of his sled.

Anyway, perhaps I’ll check in from time to time with pithy observations about software engineering and testing and such. And occasional technical trivia.

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

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