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David Van Brink // Thu 2011.09.8 15:28 // {Uncategorized}

Fluff: Architecture

And in the nondisprovable content-free feel-good department, I offer you my deep insights on what makes good architecture.

High Performance
Just kidding! But this is what they cover in the classes entitled “computer architecture”, and is the sort of thing “architects” are supposed think about. Throughput and simple math to figure out thingums per second, and redundant paths needed, and how many zillabytes the database would take if you do it *that* way.

From down in the trenches, if you get a bug report or a feature request, and you’re able to just dive in, find the right spot to put it, and put it there, and you can test it, while at the same time not leaving a mess, that’s often a symptom of good architecture.

If you can draw it on the whiteboard, and explain it, and the picture is reasonably attractive, and you’re not lying: You’ve got good architecture! Hooray.

I believe the last one is the most important. Maintainability falls out of explicability. (Remember — I said it’s got to be a pretty picture *and* you’re not lying!) And if it’s maintainable, you can properly scope which parts, layers, subsystems, or strategies need to be improved, from time to time, to meet performance.

You know, I guess I’m defining “maintainable” code as code where small changes are trivial, and huge changes are just more work, without risk.

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

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