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David Van Brink // Sat 2008.07.26 23:41 // {mac os x}

qt_tools 2.7 works on Leopard

Executive summary

qt_tools 2.7 corrects some incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.5, “Leopard”.

Quick recap

qt_tools is my set of free command line tools for recompressing and examining QuickTime movies. And it got broke by Mac OS X 10.5.

Pointless details

So, somewhere along the way, Apple made a strange and subtle change to their process launcher. The affect on qt_tools was to break its --dodialog feature, which is a command-line switch to show the QuickTime export settings dialog.

Tonight I finally sat down and tracked it down. Don’t ask how I figured this out, it was all pure intuition, and I couldn’t tell ya. But it’s like this.

If the existing command line tool qt_export is placed in two subdirectories named Contents/MacOS then the dialog behaves correctly. If the directory names are changed by a single character, then the dialog has a “stuck behind” bug.

This has the disturbing (to me) implication that the OS’s process launch code actually looks at the full path to the executable and… does something… different… based. on. the. spelling. I do not approve.

But I’m happy to offer the updated qt_tools 2.7.

Postscriptum. In previous OS versions the same bug manifested, and was cured by adding a zero length ‘carb’ resource. In 10.5, the presence or absence of ‘carb’ seems to have no effect.

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Daniel Jalkut // Sat 2008.07.26 23:5111:51 pm

Nice detective work! You’re a true hacker, David :)

David Van Brink // Sun 2008.07.27 07:477:47 am

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But this ain’t LJ. :-)

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