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David Van Brink // Fri 2008.08.8 22:15 // {introduction}

Meta Reintroduction

Well, well. This blog seems to have settled in to several parallel tracks for me, stripes of several colors. It’s been tricky to discern, since my attention is sporadic, spasmodic, but statistically it becomes clear.

In the first stripe are the occasional attempts at formalizing my half-baked and self-contradictory ideas about How To Make Computer Programs, such as with my basics pages.

The next stripe, which is quite narrow but is a definite presence, consists of the occasional announcement of yet another irregular revision of qt_tools, my one trivial free contribution to The Community.

And the third stripe, which is perhaps the most signature for the blog, consists of WBL. WBL is “Weird Blinking Lights” and has become a shorthand, for some, for all things of an electronic tinkery nature… but most especially blinking lights. The phrase originates with GRISTLE.

And, like mortar, binding the… the stripes… are the occasional attempts at levity, to break up the acts like… the “clown” between acts… for um… Not sure where I was going with that. Anyway, more wbl soon.

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

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