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David Van Brink // Mon 2008.10.13 08:57 // {broad generalities future}

Free Idea: New International Power Plug

This morning I woke up doing some dream-design work.

It was about the new international standard power plug. It resembled an American power plug, nonpolarized. The tines were a little bit more widely spaced, and narrower.

The power cord was a little bit thinner and more flexible than normal cords. This was for two reasons. First, the AC current on it was stepped in some exotic way that allowed more effective power over the same conductors than a pure sine wave. Maybe it spreads the frequency out more, and affects the cooling characteristics.

More importantly, the voltage and frequency was negotiated by a tiny chip in the plug itself, with the wall outlet. It’s down in the plug, again, to optimize cord weight.

Presumably the protocol can also carry data.

I’m pretty sure the stuff about the frequency-spread and power capacity makes no sense at all. I am just a software guy. But the rest seemed plausible enough. I do so hate wallwarts.

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

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