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David Van Brink // Tue 2008.08.12 22:16 // {wbl weird blinking lights}

12f509 cheat sheet

Back in the 80’s, I thought it was the coolest thing that you could call up someone in San Jose, tell them you were interested in such and so category of parts, and they’d send you a great box of literature. I obsessively read the app notes and features of the 8051 and 8048 “single chip microcomputers”, among the 20 pounds of Intel phonebooks. Apart from their undeniable literary value (the signs and signifiers were never closer, and the narrator… such a cypher) they were occasionally of practical value. One day at the local landfill, I came upon a stash of 8748’s (reprogrammable and UV-erasable!) and, guided by the incantations of these tomes, heroically brought those chips to life. But that’s for another post.

Those endless summers of bound and printed datasheets weren’t so endless… Now you have to print your own. On the other hand, you can obtain them any time of the day or night. Progress!

The “data sheet” for one of Microchip’s smallest parts, and my favorite, the 12f509, is still 97 pages long. I have it printed out, of course. But the majority of my inquiries where answered by just a few particular pages. So here are what I found to be the most important bits, extracted into the “Pic 12f509 Single Page Cheat Sheet.”

Raymond // Wed 2008.12.10 09:479:47 am

The most frustrating part about the widely used 12F508/509 is the general lack of published software examples. I want an assembler template and a .inc file for programing. Along with the 12F675 it looks like a usable chip set.

David Van Brink // Thu 2008.12.11 08:428:42 am

Hi Raymond — I haven’t used the ‘675 yet. I do love these tiny 8-pinners though.

It’s not comprehensive, but most of my PIC code is viewable at http://omino.com/src/pic/

Look for asm files, like
http://omino.com/src/pic/wbl05bDemocracity/generalBlinker.asm .

Hope that might help, a little. I found the chip pretty straightforward to use, overall.

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