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David Van Brink // Wed 2007.08.1 17:36 // {Uncategorized}

the basics

I’ve assembled a handful of notes about basic coding and architecture practices which might prove useful to you. These are mostly Java-oriented (with the exception of the notes on file formats), and might be a bit confounding if you’re not at least a little bit fluent in Java. But the ideas are of a general nature, and would find application in most languages.

Where to Put A New Method

  A note on creating new methods and gradually promoting them into the core libraries.

Null and Nuller

  A note on handling and returning null values

The Name of the Assertion

  A note on informative JUnit failure messages

Know Your Document Format

  A note on file format design

Write Short

  A note on contextual brevity

(in progress) Relativism And Absolution

  A note on relative paths

(in progress) In Praise Of Static Methods

  A note on the art form formerly known as “Subroutine”

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