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David Van Brink // Wed 2007.08.1 18:03 // {java}

My “Basics” Notes…

As you might have noticed, I’m making an effort to assemble a few of my ill-considered and generally foolish ideas about code and architecture into lucid active-voiced essays. I’ve got a small handful of them in various stages of completion and proofreading. There’s a page on this site called the basics which links to all the “notes”.

So what’s this for? I work in a highly technical environment but, for many of my coworkers, how to put this… “software” is not their primary language. So these notes help me to formalize my thoughts to help, perhaps, guide them on the path of truth and rightness. (Or to at least suggest that such a path could exist, though it may differ from mine.)

Perhaps you will find them interesting.

(And if anyone’s keen to see early versions of these, to proofread or steer me right or just to be nosy, drop me a line. If you have my e-mail then you’re probably already on my spam whitelist; else comment here’ll reach me fastest. A little review helps a lot!)

And not to worry, we’ll return to the regularly scheduled weird blinking lights hardware experiments real soon, what with Burning Man coming up so fast!

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

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