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David Van Brink // Sat 2007.07.28 21:50 // {wordpress}

mimeo: new wordpress theme

For some reason I’m easily drawn into highly detailed activities which require short-lived arcane knowledge. (Perhaps “knowledge” is too generous a term for it.) But if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you have similar inclinations.

It was necessary to finally get a good grasp of cascading style sheets to create a wordpress theme which matched omino’s home page. I finally understand how the screenWidth = blockWidth + 2(padding + border + margin)! I wrote a dense interactive web page to help figure it out. You can try it here if you like.

I call it mimeo. One of the main goals of mimeo was to keep the readable narrow column from the “Kubrick” default, but allow lots of room for wide photos and code examples. Here’s the pre-tag in use (which is only relevant if the blog still uses mimeo by the time you read this):

SAMesh *createMesh(long *argbPixels,int width, int height, int pixelsPerRow,
                   float originX,float originY,float cellsizeX,float cellsizeY,
                   SAMeshEdgeBehavior edgeBehavior,float edgeConstant)
    SAMesh *result = 0;

    // we build the mesh with an extra half-sized border around the cells. 
    // Each point in the bitmap becomes a non-border vertex.
    int meshWidth = width + 2;
    int meshHeight = height + 2;
    int vertexCount = meshWidth * meshHeight;
    result = (SAMesh *)calloc(sizeof(SAMesh) + vertexCount * sizeof(SAMeshVertex),1);

If you’d like to use mimeo theme — it’s quite customizable for different colors and spacings — it’s available here.

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