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David Van Brink // Mon 2007.12.17 10:13 // {broad generalities code}

Dear Plugin Developer

Dear Plugin Developer,

Always code defensively. Assume the rest of the system is insane, and your module a small island of clarity, nay, robustness, in a sea of unreason.

We do NOT guarantee to call any interfaces or API methods in any particular order. We do NOT guarantee even to set only legal parameters! (This is because “we” are not always GooEdit, “we” are scripting clients, other editing hosts, anyone with a compiler might eventually call your plugin, joining the ranks of “we” to your “they”.)

On the flip side, we bulletproof GooEdit against plugins throwing exceptions, returning absurd results, and so on.


The interface you were asking about is ISetMoreInfo. And sometimes the value will be “null”.

–> Goo

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