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David Van Brink // Sun 2006.05.21 20:00 // {numbers}

The Nine Billion Names of Blog

The world is getting smaller, and numbers are getting smaller. I used to think 32 bits was a lot; it would take a long time to count to four billion on an Apple ][ running Basic, even snappy Integer Basic. Although, come to remember, that would take a bit of trickiness: Apple Integer Basic variables were only 16 bits.

Now you can count to four billion in a second or two. I mean, your designated counting apparatus can.

I used to think 64 bits was a lot, but it turns out that a fortnight of femtoseconds exceeds it.

The old Arthur C Clarke story made 9,000,000,000 sound like such a large number. They needed several months of IBM computer-time to count that high. That’s only 33 bits and a hair.

How long until there are nine billion blogs? “Blah, blah, blah.”

Anyway, this is one of ’em. That’s my introduction.

Daniel Jalkut // Wed 2006.07.26 21:449:44 pm

I’ve very pleased to learn of your blog, David. And especially glad to observe that it and myself share the same birthday!

oh, i dont know. what do you think?


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