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David Van Brink // Mon 2006.10.16 20:45 // {audio c code mac os x}

Core MIDI and Funny Noises

The Sound

The Code

Here’s a super simple plain-old-C file that uses Core MIDI on Mac OS X to send random notes to all the channels:

And here is a Reason setup with some various cute sounds used for the MP3 above.


Oh… I write MIDI software so infrequently these days that I need to keep around a starter-app, to remember how it’s done. Perhaps someone else might happen upon this example and benefit. Meanwhile, at least I know where to find it.

Daniel Jalkut // Tue 2006.10.17 07:457:45 am

Very cool sounding. Sort of reminds me of some Harry Partch pieces I heard back in school. That might be a naive interpretation of “random notes” – but … all the same :)

w of wbl // Wed 2007.08.8 07:067:06 am

are you saying that nearly 100 years of electronic music can be summarized by this one piece of software?

oh, i dont know. what do you think?


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