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David Van Brink // Sun 2006.05.21 19:49 // {Uncategorized}


My name is, and always has been, David Van Brink. I live in beautiful Santa Cruz, California with my partner Deb and our cat, Zero.

I got my start programming assembly language for an Autonetics Recomp III computer, using a paper tape punch, in junior high school. That circa-1956 drum-based computer was contributed by our math teacher, Elliott Myron. Since then, I went to college, and have worked at a couple of small companies and startups doing various graphics and audio work, a stint at Apple working on QuickTime, and finally for the mighty Altera corporation, architecting a high-level FPGA system design tool called SOPC Builder. Nice of them to have an office in downtown Santa Cruz, eh?

In the evenings and weekends I can be found indulging in a variety of projects; the technical ones will often be found documented within these pages. Welcome to the subservient astronaut blog.

Here are some quick links:

The Basics: some foundational software advice
WBL: projects involving weird blinking lights

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