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David Van Brink // Sun 2006.08.27 22:22 // {java pointless}

A Pointless Applet

full screen

Pointless, and poorly written, too. But shows basic technique for applet animation:

  • Start a thread which updates your model,
  • Call jWhatever.repaint() after each model update,
  • If repainting takes too long, you’ll get more model updates than repaints. Thus is the wonder of threads.

In my Apple ][ youth this is the sort of stuff I mostly wrote: faux-data displays.

Daniel Jalkut // Mon 2006.08.28 04:184:18 am

It may be pointless, but I like the aesthetic. And I got caught staring into it, playing “what’s the most intersecting circles I’ve seen so far.”

Douglas Jones // Wed 2006.08.30 22:1610:16 pm

But it looks cool! I’m totally hiring you to make fake computer screens if I ever make a movie that needs them.

Daniel Jalkut // Sat 2006.09.2 13:011:01 pm

I couldn’t stand living without a screensaver version of this, so I ported this code to Cocoa, and produced a Mac OS X Screensaver:


Thanks for the cool code, David!

Red Sweater Blog - Subservient Blips // Sat 2006.09.2 14:092:09 pm

[…] I was pleased by the kind of “cheezy space film” mood David Van Brink’s pointless applet put me in, so I got the wild idea of creating a Mac OS X screen saver out of it. […]

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