2004, The South

This was a road trip. We traveled by roads. Alongside many roads was roadside art. All sorts of things: simple memorials of piles of stones, sheet metal silhouettes of camels walking across a hill, alien vultures made of motorcycle parts, oil barrels welded into flowers...

We saw a cluster of concrete forms adorning a hill top, and pulled over. It turned out to be a large-scale sculptural installation commemorating the soldiers of the Palmach Negev Brigade who defended Israel from Arab and Egyptian forces in 1947.

The forms are suggestive of bunkers and trenches. Very powerful. On one level, it was a fantastic playground. Holes you could climb down and through, concrete mazes and hidden rooms. But some of the passages were dead ends.

Later in the trip, in the Golan Heights, we came upon an abandoned Syrian bunker. It brought the whole concept into focus.

Still, it would be fun to play laser tag here.