2004, Departure

Israel. My friend, partner, and personal guru Steve Lerner was staying in Israel. So I visited.

October 20 2003:
"The Department of State warns U. S. citizens to defer travel to Israel."
Volatile situation, terrorism, &c, &c.

On my way to the airport, the shuttle got stuck in traffic. It took about 45 minutes to get past the accident: an overturned van. The top was crushed. There was a swarm of sirened vehicles in attendance. It didn't look good. On the radio there was something about some freeway shootings in... uh... Davis? Who can keep track of these things. What can you do. Ignore it and play the odds. Which are very good.

I love airports. I can't collect enough fetish photos of airports. Mmmm mmmm. My first Newark connection. Mmmmm.
First visible roadside art of the trip! This would be a recurring theme. Oh wait, that's not art.

Good morning, Steve. Or evening. What time is it anyway. Steve had a cab waiting. Whew. Shalom, baby.