The next day I visited the town of Windsor, best known for hosting some rather remarkable structures composed entirely of little plastic bricks, at Legolandia. I'd heard it was a lot like Stonehenge.
But, never being one to follow the crowds, I opted for the more obscure venue of Windsor Castle.
The audio tour for this attraction (no photos allowed inside) was primarily a guide to interior decorating, though I'm not certain if I'll really be able to use any of the tips and tricks revealed. Lots of details about which century which ceilings had been repainted or replastered.
It's still used as The Queen's weekend residence, and sometimes those vast rooms are closed off, so she can nap.
Ah yes, I was visiting just after the Queen's mother had passed away at 102 years of age, and two days before her funeral was to take place at Windsor Castle. It was a big todo.