These are some screenshots from a video game I wrote for the Apple ][, published in 1984 I believe, by Datamost.

The gameplay involved maneuvering through a series of abstract rooms and manipulating objects to cause doors to open.

I recently got to relive the game, in spite of having lost all copies of it, due to the wonders of retro-hardware emulation and software piracy. Hurray for software piracy!

64 Rooms:

An Adventure In The Metareal World


Download Disk Image -- turns out it's a preliminary version, and it's got some other random files on there, too. Might be stuff I wrote, for all I can tell. Should work with any very good Apple ][ emulator. Bernie ][ is a GS emulator I use, which seems top-notch.

Download Ankh and Ankh 2 disk image.

Download Apple //e emulator for Mac OS X, With Ankh and Ankh 2