Burning Man Franchise 2001

So, I finally went to the Burning Man!
My friends took me to the one at Bonny Doon beach, near Santa Cruz. It was totally lame, there were like ten people there drinking beer, and even on his pedestal the Man was only like 5 feet tall. Also, I didn't see any titties.
This is the moment that Shelly and Mike and Leah-Ann and Phil have been waiting for.
There's a certain freedom at a Burning Man Franchise that requires you to totally reevaluate your goals, values, and favorite beer. Dawn prepares to walk on fire, after first beating the blaze into submission with some kinda fancy judo kicking, or some shit.
Mike is one of the many talented folks who work for little or no pay behind the scenes to make the Burning Man Franchise happen. Briya, after dosing on Sapporo, starts feeling "playful!"