I worked at Apple for exactly 10 years. I like Macintoshes. I kind
of wound up with a lot of them. Some I bought. Some I found in
dumpsters. Some were engineering samples that would have been
crushed had I not liberated them.

I made use of them even. At one point, I had about six running polyomino
fitting searches on my seahorse shapes. Up in San Francisco, Logan and
Ella each used one of the II fx's as their main terminals. I had another
one out in the common area on a custom-built standup desk. My personal
unit of the time was a 20th Anniversary Mac.

Then I had them in storage for a while. Me, owner of a, well, huge house,
with a rental storage unit and obsolete zero-value gear in it! Well, that's
"stuff" for ya.

I finally got rid of it all. Found an excited collector in Santa Cruz,
he took the whole lot. Yess! Yessss! I'm glad someone was excited
about it!

Oh my god!  I'm a vintage Mac collector,
and this is a dream come true!  I'm in
Santa Cruz and can pick them up as soon
as possible, Friday night would be best.
They would be going to a good home if that
helps, and I'm a nice guy.  Looking forward
to working with you :)

He showed up, and an hour of loading and
pleasant geek chat later, my
Mac responsibility was significant improved.

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Free collectible Macs, NTSC Monitors

West Side Of Santa Cruz: These computers are going to the dump in a day or two. They are ONLY of interest to someone who understands OLD Macintoshes. If you're a starving artist or student who just needs a computer... sorry. These won't be useful to you. I'm just being honest here. There's also a couple of NTSC black-and-white monitors down there. You can plug a vcr into 'em ok. All systems boot, and have system 7.1 + ncsa telnet + clarisworks + some games. All cables available. Mac II fx -- 8mb / 80mb Mac II fx -- 12mb / 160mb Mac II ci -- 20mb / 250mb Mac LC III -- 20mb / 500mb with ethernet Mac Performa -- 475 20mb/160mb (all batteries dead, must be ac-powered) Mac Powerbook 5300C -- 24mb/800mb -- ethernet (missing adapter) Mac Powerbook 145B -- 4mb/80mb Mac Powerbook duo 210 -- 12mb/80mb Apple Multiple Scan 1705 -- up to 1280x1024? has pc style video plug Apple 12" monochrome display -- for mac, 640 x 480? Apple 12" color display -- originally for IILC, up to 512 x 384? Apple 12" high resolution monochrome display -- for mac Apple Monitor III -- monochrome ntsc, 12" Apple A2M2010 -- green phosphor nstc, 12" "NEC Character Display" -- 12" monochrome ntsc monitor "NEC Monochrome Display" jb-1410p2a(pc-8851a) -- 12" monochrome ntsc monitor "IC Solid State BMC Monitor" -- 12" monochrome ntsc monitor email me if interested. operators standing by. I'd love to see this stuff go somewhere other than the dump... but I don't expect it. :-) it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Subject: YES!
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   All computers taken by someone who just *adores* old
   Mac gear. Wooo! Wooo! Ha ha!

   And it wasn't ****, so ****** and ******* and *** wont
   have to hate me!