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From: Objective Observer ++ (umlaut@ucscb)
Subject: Only In Santa Cruz...
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The other morning, I was chatting with some leather-jacketed
spiky-haired hung-over youths in front of the record store
beside Zachary's. Amidst their mindless chatter of, "Fuck, I
woke up drunk," and "I'm having Viet Nam flashbacks from too
many PBS specials!" and "Check out Annie! Her blue lips match
her hair tufts," one of their number returned from the health
food market with a brick of tofu. He chewed a hole in the
cellophane package, and sucked out the liquid. Then he ripped
open the package proper, and handed out chunks of tofu to his
compatriots, who complained of the bland flavor.

As for me and my breakfastmate... well, our table was finally
prepared, and we consumed hardened chicken embryos and mass
quantities of coffee.

Only in Santa Cruz!

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