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Name: Uml@
Subject: Mars

Last night I dreamt I was on Mars.

   It started in a subway station. It was a large, high ceilinged
   well lit station, made of bright golden bricks. There was some
   seismic activity, and the place was crumbling, so I left..

   Then, I was walking across a broad plaza with Dolphin.
   It was nighttime, but the plaza was well lit. It was
   paved with the same glowing gold bricks as the subwaysta
   station. I commented that the ground's continuous
   rumbling was due to seismic activity.

   Dolphin was rambling about "so a period of three weeks,
   and a period of four weeks, means that they'll align
   every twelve weeks; but this is an even month..." and
   so on. I pointed at the black sky, where Mars' four (!)
   moons were nearly aligned, and said, "Look, the moons
   are aligned." Dolphin said, "Yeah, that's what I was
   getting at!" One of the four moons was the Earth.

   Just then, at the moment of precise alignment, someone
   started projecting movies into the sky, right near the
   moons, celebrating 90 years of something. The film
   showed a retrospective of life on Earth in the year

2 August 1992

3/30/95.01:22 - 3/30/95.01:22