[ Secret-Agent ] Message 16 (21 left): Sun Jan 23, 1994  6:08pm
From: Dept EE
Subject: confirmed unconfirmed sighting.....

suspected agent bovine was suspectedly seen inspecting unsuspecting suspect.

further reports have further reportedly reported unreported reports of further
  reports reportedly reported.

continue continuously with continuous continuity.
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 17 (20 left): Sun Jan 23, 1994  10:03pm
From: tears of blood from faceless eyes
Subject: init
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 18 (19 left): Sun Jan 23, 1994  10:03pm
From: tears of blood from faceless eyes
Subject: oops

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 19 (18 left): Mon Jan 24, 1994  2:08pm
From: Agent Horg
Subject: Caltech-Funded Earthquake


   This Agent has learned that the entire 6.6 Northridge LA
   Earthquake was the result of Graduate Students at Caltech
   playing with a top-secret Two-Way Gravshock Device.  This
   device localizes the planet's gravitational fields and can
   cause earthquakes, floods, etc.  Plans from this were aquired
   in roundabout fashion from agent "proulx".  
      In retaliation, this agent is sponsoring a UTC
   (Unidentfied Toxic Chemical) Shipment to the ebaird labs
   in order to throw the entire lab into disarray, and bring
   the University to its ankles.  With the help of Med-Chem
   Co. agent "braden", this agent has aquired one (1) 16-oz
   unused amber bottle.  Contents of amber bottle will be 
   determined after this agent has undergone dental torture

end of line.
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 20 (17 left): Wed Jan 26, 1994  7:28pm
From: last ciggarrette
Subject: several agents
have been sent to the cow pen for evaluation and self critique
more to be sent later

a surprising amount of information has been gathered since my last vacation
will try to send packets out over scrambled lines

the cow did not jump over the moon
7 eggs where laid by the golden sparrow
5 new agents have been sent to berkelley to uncover plot by 
   right wing terrorist organization called "peet's"

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 21 (16 left): Sun Jan 30, 1994  8:20pm
From: Agent Moof
Subject: Report AX-109

"peet'" located and identified as centralized location for
enjoyment.  Reported to proper authorities and contents itemized
for future use in persecution of inhabitants.

And on other matters, four bowling balls sighted in Illinois,
item #6 has no leotard anymore, and the wind in the willows is blue.

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 22 (15 left): Mon Jan 31, 1994  1:03am
From: 007
Subject: Wind in the Willows?

item #28 does not wear underwear.
Repeat, no underwear.

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 23 (14 left): Mon Jan 31, 1994  7:15pm
From: A Gent of Doom
Subject: girl spoted driving backhoe thru suspicious territory

  the rose is a rose that is a rose,
 the rose that is a rose is really elephant fecal matter.

don't smell, dont tell
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 24 (13 left): Sat Feb 5, 1994  7:16pm
From: Agent Fish
Subject: Dat01 Unknown Command
Lines: 5

Infomation xfer initiated
Vinyl -> Mylar
Agent Z

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 25 (12 left): Sat Feb 5, 1994  8:05pm
From: Agent Horg
Subject: surgical tubing aqcusition

at 17 & Ocean Park 4 feet of surgical tubing apprehended from
store 'owner'.  interrogation attempts deflected.

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 26 (11 left): Sun Feb 6, 1994  12:16am
From: Booos 
Subject: Important Revision to "Agents on the Go in Brazil" Manual

page 3055 of text should read:

"from the corpse.  Next mix 2cups of solvent with .06oz of spittle. Grace shall"

please make revision promptly, in that previous 
instructions proved a hazard to pregnant agents 
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 27 (10 left): Fri Feb 11, 1994  6:25pm
From: spatzformica
will submerge into parentals 
ram letters into postals
filled with 500 dollar requests
more on this later
i am being watched....
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 28 (9 left): Sun Feb 13, 1994  4:36pm
From: Agent Paolo
Subject: ^^^

Yeah, you're being watched. I've got pictures!

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 29 (8 left): Sun Feb 13, 1994  4:43pm
From: spatzformica
Subject: i have been found

in this seemingly tight closed in haven
no more..........
must finish 
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 30 (7 left): Sun Feb 13, 1994  5:31pm
From: Sekrit Agint Krowd Kontrol
Subject: Success!

   Mission accomplished. Postal Institution successfully delivered
   anonymous message to Agent Horg.

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 31 (6 left): Sun Feb 13, 1994  7:18pm
From: Agent Horg
Subject: ah ha!

   the culprit always returns to the scene of the crime...

   however, now my position has been compromised- i must
   escape to Hangar4 for further instructions.

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 32 (5 left): Sun Feb 13, 1994  11:42pm
From: Agent Three Rock Red
Status Report

Safe house is a shambles

Injuries are resolving themselves..

Events are conspiring against me.

Will report back if survival is achieved.

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 33 (4 left): Mon Feb 14, 1994  9:06am
From: Field Agent
Subject: report of findings

Enemy baase was infiltrated and spy photographs were taken.

Enemy base received a critical hit.
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 34 (3 left): Mon Feb 14, 1994  1:31pm
From: Agent Fish
Subject: Tincan Telephony

  Rendezvous with woman-in-black scheduled for
  experiments with tin can telephony.

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 35 (2 left): Mon Feb 14, 1994  3:37pm
From: Agent CnMnE

the train is pulling in. Do not discard the plastic filler.

Operation Snippet to commence.

remember: lather, rinse, repeat.
[ Secret-Agent ] Message 36 (1 left): Mon Feb 14, 1994  10:25pm
From: Agent BGDM
Subject: encoded device

in transit to agent horg.  await response.

[ Secret-Agent ] Message 37 (0 left): Tue Feb 15, 1994  10:07am
From: Agent Fish
Subject: Secret Message Received

   Secret message received via android courier Draconix/9
   Instructions to "light candle sip wine think of me" followed.
   Operation was completed with minimum loss of limb.

   Thanks conveyed to counterpart in Her Majesty's service.

4/1/95.07:30 - 4/1/95.07:30