Telephone I

Spent today watching the telephone, scrutinizing it for
signs of life. Was intrigued by the connection between
the handset and the base: the mystery of the single

Harold S. Osborne, former chief engineer of AT&T, has
this to say:

   "Whenever a baby is born anywhere in the world,
   he is given at birth a telephone number for life.
   As soon as he can talk, he is given a watchlike
   device with ten little buttons on one side, and
   a screen on the other. When he wishes to talk to
   anyone in the world, he will pull out the device
   and punch on the keys the number. Then, turning
   the device over, he will hear the voice of his
   friend and see his face on the screen, in
   color and in three dimensions. If he does not
   see him and hear him, he will know that his
   friend is dead."


3/30/95.01:23 - 3/30/95.01:23