In outer space it is someplace I like to call it home,
  Just me, my parrot, and my cat, I never am alone.

  We fly around from point to point, we skim the atmospheres
  Of numerous celestial orbs; our destination nears.

  A close approach -- a flash! A shake! My parrot, he says "Squawk!"
  My cat, he says, "Meow," says I, "Meow," but not to mock.

  Our ship it seems has run aground and now we're not in space,
  But rather in a neat red field, a brand new settling place.

  And now that space, that old someplace, it is no more my home,
  But underneath an orange star, man, bird, cat, alone.

   for Meriko 1993

4/1/95.07:43 - 4/1/95.07:43