six pixels on the second floor

In 2002, Kerry Veenstra and I built six pixels, each driven by 300 watts of light. These were controlled by a Nios CPU running some handrolled software.

For Halloween night, we projected them inside a building in downtown Santa Cruz. Here are a few movies taken that night. (About 6M each, mpeg.)





"Six Pixels on the Second Floor"
Installation Art Piece in Downtown Santa Cruz, activated on Oct 31, 2002
"Six Pixels on the Second Floor" is an electronic installation that will be visible from the corner of Pacific Avenue and Cooper Street on Halloween evening: Thursday October 31, 2002, after sunset.
It consists of a custom hardware and software controller for 18 spotlights organized as six full-color pixels projected on the corner windows of the second floor of the Cooper House building.
The pixels will be displaying various patterns and effects.
"Six Pixels on the Second Floor" was conceived and built by David Van Brink and Kerry Veenstra.
"It is a privilege to be working with someone so brilliant, and yet whose surname falls after my own alphabetically," Van Brink said of the project.
Both are employed by Altera, whose offices occupy the second floor mentioned in the title, and whose technology is used in the piece.