The chair seen in the Loading Room and
in the Boxing Ring was made of popsicle
sticks, and photographed from 16 angles.

The spinning silhouettes of chairs
in the Exterior intro were rendered
with Strata. The texture catching
the shadows is a photomicrograph of
cobwebs, made with a cheap Intel
QX-3 Play Microscope.

The leaves in the Loading Room are really
nasty things that fall on my driveway at
home. Ouch! I just put them on the cheap
Canon scanner directly.

the end credits was made by printing very
small (about 7 point) on my cheap Epson printer,
and then rescanning it. And then messing it
up further in photoshop.

The money in the end credits is a 10-cent
"fractional currency" note issued in 1874.

The motion through the Machine was done
by first plotting a course through the
elements, and then having the camera-target
and spotlight-target follow that path. Then,
the camera/spotlight structure was programmed
to follow that path but about two seconds
behind the target movement. The narrative
effect was that something would catch
your interest, and then you would move
to get to it.

The five gemstones in the Machine were livened up by
videotaping the QuickTime movies through a
quartz stone on an Apple Studio Display laid
on its back.

 dvb 2004