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Technical Notes
A Note About the New York 1939 World's Fair Source Footage

All source footage was downloaded from the Prelinger Archive.
Excerpt from the terms of use:
   No permission is needed to download or reuse
   Prelinger films if you have downloaded them
   from the Internet Archive. We warmly encourage
   you to download, view, and use these films in
   any manner that you wish, although we ask that
   you not resell them as stock footage or charge
   anyone for the files that you yourself downloaded,
   as we would like them to remain free to all.
   You may take footage from the Prelinger Collection
   at Internet Archive, incorporate it into your
   own production, and distribute, sell or license
   your own production in any way you please.


Seventh Annual CEAIT Festival
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The 3rd Annual Ohlone College Film, Video, and Multimedia Festival
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