Phone Message 2002

	Phone message project, 2002 dvb

	Sound of phone ringing.  Dull grey dirty
	glass, david is sprawled on the sofa Technical

	DAVID: Ugh computer, answer the phone COMPUTER
	Synthovoice: Yes David

	Phone is answered ERSATZ DAVID: Hello! David
	can't come to the phone right now, but I am
	available for conversational emulation!
	How's it goin'?

	INTERRUPT: I'm sorry, your cpu quota has
	been exceeded. All metaliteral processing
	functions functions are curtailed --

	ERSATZ DAVID: Well! Ha ha, never mind the
	conversation, just leave me a message and
	I'll be sure that david gets it really soon,
	mm k?

	INTERRUPT: -- until your computility payment
	for November two thousand forty four is
	received. Thank you!