Luminet 2001

The Luminet
A luminet is a musical instrument which is controlled by light. My luminet is intended specifically to be controlled by laser pointers, although ambient light will activate the device as well.

Depending what software is installed, the device can emit raw audio, individual MIDI notes, or gated MIDI sequences. I expect over time to support other control paradigms as well.

The first deployment of my luminet was for a piece called, generically enough, "Beam", at the famous tiny festival of eclectic electronica, "Woodstockhausen". (2001 September 15th, Boulder Creek, California.)

For "Beam" I instructed the audience to feel free to use laser pointers at the stage, even though this is traditionally considered rude. (Traditionally in the long history of laser pointer use, I mean.) Fascinating dynamic. One gentleman, a fellow performer no less!, pointed a spot on my head for the whole piece. Go figure.

The second deployment of the luminet was at CalArts, in Valencia California, at their 2002 CEAIT new music festival. Here is the proposal for the installation; alas I have no good photos of that event.
luminet movie 1: paper cup choir 4.4M
luminet movie 2: self contained audio 3.9M
luminet movie 3: something abstract with LEDs... 140k