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Critique of Critique of Feedback at Max

  • To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
  • Subject: Critique of Critique of Feedback at Max
  • From: "Rick Walker/Loop.pooL" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 17:14:54 -0700
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Dear Loopers Delight members:

I want to get something off my chest:
Matthias (whose music I adore and who I consider a good new friend)

    "I just shortly repeat what Kim an me pointed several time at on this
    With FB constantely at max, the loop turns into a ball on a chain: The
phrase you started with keeps you in the same mood, you cannot evolve when
you feel its time, just revolve, chopp off... ;-"

    This can happen, certainly, but there are many ways of making music.
I, personally, am not a fan of Jazz Fusion as an example,
but to categorically state that this music keeps you in the same mood
because I don't happen to enjoy the form is absurd.

    In my work, I have loved the fact that one can use terrace dynamics
(adding static musical elements in a layering fashion) and 'dub' techniques
(chopping out static musical elements or processing them) to create all
kinds of complexity:  both musical and emotional.  I strive for emotionality
in my own music.  The limitations of 'repetitive' looping pose their own
unique sets of problems, but I really enjoy the challenge of extreme
Why else would I delight in playing Dayglo Green Plastic so damned much.  It
is really difficult to do ANYTHING interesting under such
minimalistic settings but that challenge is what goads me on.

    I love repetition, personally. I have loved Terry Riley, Philip Glass,
Hamza El Din, Reggae, et. al.

    It's really o.k. if Kim or Mattias don't.   But let's keep our
communications and our aesthetic biases clear.   A personal aesthetic
predilection is exactly that:   a personal predilection.    It's ok to have
them without being judgemental about others.

    Brian Eno said that if everybody on earth were given a red crayon and
white piece of paper and enjoined to draw a drawing of a house and a tree,
that with everyone who could physically comply, this would produce 5 or 6
billion drawings and everyone of them would would be different:  NO TWO
ALIKE!   And yet, houses and trees are not made of red wax and white
celluose (in most cases  ;-)so that every drawing would be a creative
filtering of the image of these objects through the minds of the drawer.
Every one (whether you like it or not) would be a CREATION.

    Everyone is Creative.  I think there is a disturbing trend in western
culture specifically to be perfectionistic and judgemental.
I think that we, as artists and loopers have a great opportunity to
reverse this trend (if only in a small,small way) and actively support
people's creativity.  It's all good.

    Y2K2 was amazing to me for the incredible diversity of how people are
using creativity, fromAndre LaFosse's performance which may have not ever
repeated a phrase to David Van Brink's minimalist looping sequences which
may not have ever had a variation.   What a celebration of creativity.

There, I've said my piece!

yours, Rick Walker (loop.pool)