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Cafe Texas

by Anne Church and David Van Brink, 03/27/2001

Cafe Texas was an installation piece deployed at the 2001 Garden Shed party in Berkeley, CA. A dismal shed was illuminated with a bare light bulb, and visitors could read the single-sheet summary of various offenders who were executed in Texas. An amplified soundtrack portrayed the cooking of each offender's final meal request, which visitors could also read.

This web page lets you select from the nine offenders, and hear their final meal preparation.

Execution Last
Date Final Meal Request
12 Barney Jeffery 714 04/16/1986 Two boxes of frosted flakes and a pint of milk
25 Thompson John 610 07/08/1987 Freshly squeezed orange juice
53 Griffin Jeffery 647 11/19/1992 T-bone steak, catsup and iced tea
64 Holland David 820 08/12/1993 Cheeseburger, french fries and coffee
77 Nethery Stephen 698 05/27/1994 Two cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato and onion, french fries and milk
135 Stone Benjamin 999187 09/25/1997 Coke
150 McFarland Frank 963 04/29/1998 Heaping portion of lettuce,
a sliced tomato, a sliced cucumber, four celery stalks, four sticks of American or Cheddar cheese, two bananas and two cold half pints of milk. Asked that all vegetables be washed prior to serving. Also asked that the cheese sticks be clean.
157 Teague, Jr. Delbert 849 09/09/1998 None. Last minute he decided to eat a hamburger at his Mother's request.
213 Kitchens William 840 05/09/2000 1/2 dozen sunny side up fried eggs, 8 pieces of pan sausage, 6 slices of toast with butter and grape jelly, crispy hash browns, milk and orange juice.